Skissernas Museum: Hinterlands+ 19/09/19

Monday September 23rd 2019 by Peter Thomas Lang

On the Frontier of Mental and Spatial Change in the Swedish-German Countryside

Transformations in the 21st century city is leading into and affecting the deepest rural areas, bringing along with it increasingly new forms of activities, infrastructures and social transformations. To be able to anticipate these fast moving trends, the European countryside urgently needs to apply cross-disciplinary readings and invest in transnational co-operation.

The countryside as destruction, nostalgia and re-invention: The German Case
Clues to understanding the importance of the German countryside in relation to German society are not difficult to find, but often are overlooked, given the monumental cultural role of German cities like Berlin, Cologne or Munich. Yet there is a rich legacy that is deeply linked to the countryside: the 19th century German Romantic landscape painting movement, the Post-war German New Wave cinema, the Dusseldorf school of photography, and the revival of post-industrial landscapes brought to life through the combination of industrial archaeology and recreation.
This presentation moves through a number to these significant transformations, examining in the process the way the landscape continues to change and morph, and yet continues to attract those seeking a certain freedom of movement and expression.

Speaker: Peter Lang
With 25 years of experience in higher education and as former Professor at the Royal >span class=”author-6676139857 font-color-212121 font-size-medium”>Art Institute in Stockholm. Dr. Peter Lang has developed and conducted courses in architecture, design, theory and history. He has curated major international exhibitions on Radical Italian Architecture, design history and urban research. He is an active member of the Rome based urban arts collective Stalker, and is founder of the advanced research platform R-lab NA, a cross-disciplinary theory and practice initiative focusing on society and the built environment.

Moderator: Daniel Urey, chef för LABLAB
Panel: Caroline Dahl, Director of Movium Think Tank at SLU
Partners: Skissernas Museum, Goethe institut, LABLAB, SLU ALNARP and R-LAB NA.

Hinterlands+ is a program initiated by LABLAB and funded by the Goethe Institut. The purpose of the program is to create trans-disciplinary understandings on ruralism.

*This event is held in English