Media Culture

 Welcome to Media Culture. Here you will find links to a wide variety of Media shows, webcasts, live broadcasts and interviews, as well as media-based projects. You will also find the latest news on:  YellowGloveLab,  founded in the Fall of 2020, by Peter Lang and Giulia Penzo. The studio is based in Rome Italy. Like the ubiquitous yellow rubber gloves that can be found under most everyone’s kitchen sink, YellowGloveLab wants to be there for you to clean up both the small and the big messes that we seem, as a society, to get ourselves into all the time. YellowGloveLab as a video animation and graphic stop motion pictures studio, takes on the most difficult themes that preoccupy us today, and make them just a little bit more intelligible, possibly a bit more accessible. After-all, what strikes your imagination is what gets you to the next step. highlights include media events in the Netherlands, Stockholm, Venice Biennale, Rome and elsewhere. Image: Museo delle Civilta Rome, Photo PtL.