Urban Re Mix: the WORKSHOP: Haunted by Shadows of the Future-Artefacts

Thursday January 23rd 2014 by Peter Thomas Lang

Inauguration day at the Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm. January 18 2014.


Haunted by the Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS identifies objects from the late 1960’s to late 1970’s that have personal or familial relationship with the people and the communities who lived during this era, and that embody a specific sense of belonging, a desire of being part of the modern Swedish society TAKING shape at that time. THE result of this collective search is an assembly of artefacts, customs and domestic tropes, intertwined with rich personal stories and discoveries. These include the briefcase of an insurance salesman, the reel-to-reel tape recorder that captured a popular talk-show’s evening broadcasts, audio of a Somali literary exile, the early launch of plastic toys, vacation slide shows, postcard collections and super 8 films, Pop textile prints and clothing patterns, local green plantings, supermarket anti-consumer campaigns, the revolutionary “du” reform, and other contemporary references, like a Swedish feminist manifesto, a New Town in Teheran and the appearance of mass produced garbage chutes. The City Museum’s model apartment in Tensta, located at Kämpingebacken 13, serves here as a time capsule that unfolds an entire universe behind these UTMOST everyday objects.


Haunted by the Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS is a collaboration made in the context of Tensta Museum: Reports from New Sweden at Tensta Konsthall and the Urban Re-Mix course at Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm. This experimental platform for understanding and engaging issues dealing with residential mass housing, new towns and other modernist utopian projects that were designed in postwar era Sweden and beyond, has been conceived by STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen) and Peter Lang (Professor in Architecture Theory and History, Mejan Arc KKH) and realised together with participants of the Urban Re-Mix course – James Barrett, Ing-Gerd Robertson, Barbro Gunmar, Antonie Maria Grahamsdaughter, Martin Hedenstrom Ljung, Heather Jones, Adam Lundberg, Emelie Saltas, Helene Schmitz, Adela Zyto, Gary Zhang, Mohammad Hossein Abbasi.