Rowe Rome: City of Good Intentions, 21-23 /6/2017

Friday June 23rd 2017 by Peter Thomas Lang

Rowe Rome 2017

Le città delle buone intenzioni

Urban Design Dialogues
Dialoghi di progettazione urbana

June 21–June 23, 2017
21-23 giugno 2017
Sapienza Università di Roma, School of Engineering, San Pietro in Vincoli
Sapienza Università di Roma, Facoltà d’ingegneria, San Pietro in Vincoli

June 21st, Wednesday  

Registration (8:30)

Plenary Session 1 (9:30-1:30)
Expanding Global and Emergent Perspectives: Values in Conflict
Prospettive globali ed emergenti in espansione: Valori in conflitto 


  • Claudia Mattogno,  Sapienza
  • Steven Hurtt,  University of Maryland


Welcoming Address:
• Antonio D’Andrea, Sapienza, Dean, Facoltà di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale
• Alessandro Ridolfi, President, Ordine degli Architetti PPC Roma



  • D. Grahame Shane, Columbia University
    Colin Rowe and the cities of utopia
  • Andrew Rudd, UN Habitat
    The U.N. New Urban Agenda
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones,  Georgia Institute of Technology
    “Heaven or Hell? The impact of autonomous vehicles on urban form”
  • Mosé Ricci,  University of Trento
    Living the Eternal Present
  • Giuseppe Imbesi, Sapienza
    The urban project among too many cultural dimensions


Plenary Session 2 (3:00-5:30)
Expanding Global and Emergent Perspectives: Values in Concert 
Prospettive globali ed emergenti in espansione: Valori in Concerto 


  • Elio Piroddi, Sapienza
  • Antonio Pietro Latini,  University of Oregon


  • Marco Romano,  Estetica della città
    Cities of desire
  • Harrison Fraker,  University of California, Berkeley
    Where are the ‘Poetics’ in Sustainable Urban Design – Latent Potentials for the Urban Section
  • Tigran Haas, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
    Heritage urbanism, cultural urbanism and the temporary city
  • Elio Piroddi, Sapienza
    The morphology dimension in planning



Plenary Debate (5:30-6:30)



Thursday, June 22  

Parallel Session One  (morning 9:30-1:30, afternoon 3:00-4:30)
Diverse Aspects of the Discipline. Recent and Emerging Concepts and Tools
Diversi aspetti della disciplina. Concetti e strumenti recenti e emergent


  • Matthew Bell,  University of  Maryland


  • Matthew Bell,  University of Maryland
    Urban Design and The Public Negotiation
  • Daniel Parolek,  Opticos Design
    The missing middle
  • June Williamson,  City College New York
    Suburban Sprawl Retrofit: Urban Design Lessons, and Questions, from North America
  • Marco Adelfio, Chalmers Tech, Göteborg
    “Towards a suburban compact city? Methodological challenges in the application of a mixed-method and multi-stakeholder approach”
  • Stephen Quick, Carnegie Mellon University
    Transformational Place
  • Elena Marchigiani, University of Trieste
    Mobility-space and the city: challenges and conflicts
  • Ettore Maria Mazzola,  University of Notre Dame
    How can one regenerate a Degraded District
  • Ken McCown, University of Arkansas
    Big Data and Bricolage


Parallel Session Two (morning 9:30-1:30, afternoon 3:00-4:30)
Diverse Aspects of the Discipline. Conventions and Traditions: Old and New Paradigms 
Diversi aspetti della disciplina. Convenzioni e tradizioni: vecchi e nuovi paradigmi 


  • James Tice, University of Oregon



  • James Tice, University of Oregon
    Looking at the Old City with New Eyes
  • J. Michael Schwarting, New York Institute of Technology
    Rome: Formation and Transformation
  • Allan Ceen, Studium Urbis
    Urban Reciprocity in Rome
  • David Mayernik, University of Notre Dame
    Reverberations of Rome: Diverse Societies and Common Themes
  • Steven Semes, University of Notre Dame
    New Building and Old Paradigms: Architecture and Urbanism of Gustavo Giovannoni
  • Heleni Porfyriou, National Research Council, Italy
    Italian urban design tradition and the new rural settlements of the Thirties
  • Alessandro Camiz, Girne American University, Cyprus
    Urban Morphology: an (old) tool for teaching and practicing (new) Urban Design
  • Pieter Uyttenhove, Ghent University
    The Place of Design in Discourse on Sprawl
  • Peter Lang, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
    Rome today, through the work of the group Stalker