Chart Art Fair Design: Luggage Fitness

Thursday September 13th 2018 by Peter Thomas Lang


Cinema Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Septermber 1, 13:300

An engaging performative event held by Professor in Architectural Theory and   History, Peter Lang, and artist Weiling He, which seeks to    challenge participants to critically assess their relationship to the things they use over the course of a day, bringing up    essential issues on waste, consumption and  durability.
PHOTOS: Matthew Ashton.

What about the objects we carry around?

What we are concerned here with this workshop takes a cue from a couple projects initiated by Superstudio: the Radical Florentine Design group founded in 1966, and the ones who brought us Historgrams, Misura, the Continuous Monument,  and Supersurface,

One could argue that quite a good portion of their theoretical work was critical of the consumption of objects, but also the consumption of architecture, and in extension, ones dependency on consumption as an expression of living.

So then this poses a very serious existential question, just what do we need to carry on our lives, and can we target our own lifestyles to rethink what we use from day to day.

Superstudio-opus, built on a “life without objects” began with an index of primary functions, traversing, domestic objects, functionless objects, architecture, megastructures and tools.