REVIEW> SUPERSTUDIO’S LOST OFFSPRING A new exhibition explores the legacy of Superstudio in unexpected places.

Tuesday December 22nd 2015 by Peter Thomas Lang

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There is a lot happening in Milan these days. The Milan Expo is attracting record crowds in its closing month; apartment towers are cropping up around the city center like trees in a forest; and on Milan’s immediate periphery, the Prada Foundation has opened its gilded quarters to an eager public of art and architecture aficionados. This jigsaw puzzle of renovated factory structures and new building additions by Rem Koolhaas are set against a broad expanse of freight rail lines, highway billboards, and graffitied walls. Featuring a collection of courtyards, ramped terraces, labyrinthine underground vaults, repurposed industrial spaces, and a singularly phantasmagoric floating glass pavilion, there is little doubt this ex-distillery turned contemporary-art-environment has set a new standard for the art patronage elite. The Prada Foundation is one of Koolhaas’s best works—and his most precious—yet it retains just the right proportion of off-kilter detailing to remind the visitor that Koolhaas won’t be tamed by any formal architectural system, not even of his own making…. (see link for the full article)