Interdisciplinary urban dialogue-Workshop Varberg, Sweden

Sunday July 23rd 2017 by Peter Thomas Lang

In relation to its current urban transformation project the City of VARBERG invites students, teachers and practitioners within ARCHITECTURE, ART, ARCHEOLOGY, CULTURAL HERITAGE and URBAN PLANNING to experiment interdisciplinary approaches of exploration, representation, design and building common urban spaces through practice and theory. Image source.

Draft Program

The city of Varberg is situated by the sea 70 km south of Gothenburg. The current urban planning project concerns several important changes for the city: moving one part of the harbor activities, a new tunnel and station for the train, building a new area for housing and activities. Immersed during two weeks in the city participants will explore the urban context. With urban walks, meetings with inhabitants and local actors, conferences and presentations by local and international specialists, design and building of places for dialogue in public space in the harbor area.

During a two day WALK organised by Stalker (Italy) participants will cross the city and the surrounding landscape together with local inhabitants. The walk is used to observe urban context, to dialogue with inhabitants and to experiment spatial usages.

CONFERENCES and TALKS will introduce a discussion on how to explore, represent and design urban space with HISTORICAL and CONTEMPORARY views. The local history and urban development of Varberg will be put in an international perspective through various case studies.

Structures will be conducted ‘on site’ through a DESIGN-BUILD process by all participants with coordination by Colectivo Warehouse (Lisbon).

In order to COMMUNICATE within the workshop and towards a broader audience, participants will be invited to experiment different media for DOCUMENTATION and PRESENTION of all steps of the exploration and building process.


Campus Varberg is situated in the core of the city a few minutes from the train station and will be the base for the Academy.

Several lectures and meetings will also be held at the Fortress, Halland Museum of cultural history.

International Summer Academy in the city of Varberg.

Teachers and speakers:

Henrik Boman (Fellow in Classical Archeology, Swedish institute in Rome) Colectivo Warehouse (Architecture and art collective, Portugal)                                                                     Emilio da Cruz Brandao (Design for Sustainable Development, Chalmers University, Gothenburg)

Barbro Frizell (Professor in Classical Archeology)
Gustav Hellberg (Artist, Professor in fine arts Chung-Ang University, Seoul)
Marie Kraft (Researcher in urban studies, Paris and Rome)
Peter Lang (Professor in Architecture, Royal institute of art, Stockholm)
Johannes Luchmun (Architect, tutor in Architecture, Chalmers University, Gothenburg) Andreas Møller Nielsen (Architect, tutor in Architecture, Chalmers University, Gothenburg) Lorenzo Romito, (Architect and artist, Stalker, Rome)
Giulia Fiocca, (Architect, Stalker, Rome)
Department of urban planning, Municipality of Varberg,
Department of Culture, Municipality of Varberg,
Halland museum of cultural history.