Tuesday January 28th 2014 by Peter Thomas Lang

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make your own Comfort Zones

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The Mejan Entrance-Lobby design-build

OPEN WORKSHOP: February 10-12.


The Workshop: have you recently walked through the Mejan Entrance Lobby? Does it remind you of a sterile hospital space? Coming this February (Monday 10 through Wednesday 12) is a 3 day event you won’t want to miss! About 2000 plastic bottles, 100 Findus 1973 Fish Bins, lots of steel reinforcing mesh and cushions, fabric and plants are going to be delivered to the Lobby. And guess what? We plan to make the Mejan Entrance Lobby into a series of Comfort Zones, where you can hang-out, read, nap, talk to friends and chill out.

“Make your own Comfort Zones,” a three day design build workshop to develop temporary hang-outs in the KKH Entrance Lobby, for people to come together to experience new forms of comfort. If you volunteer and sign up to take part in the Design-Build workshop you get to shape one of the most important and up till now most banal spaces in our school!


“Make it a part of your day!” ©™


WHAT CAN YOU DO? The team of artists, architects and artist-architects (Peter Lang, Amanda Newall, Peter Geschwind and Weiling He) plus the Group Mare Liberum have in mind to create vertical, horizontal, translucent, sound proof, and cushiony structures. You can join this team and get something out of it and put something into it. We are allowing for lots of flexibility and spontaneity to happen. Take part! Learn by doing and do by creating! ©™

The Workshop is now integrated with Normalcy Control, part of this year’s Normalcy Cluster. All materials used in the workshop will be recycled towards the Mare Liberum Raft project.


The Team Leaders:

Weiling He is the Guest project Artist-Architect. Weiling lives between the US and China, and most recently has been focusing on variable scale installations using unstable recycled materials to create flowing curtains.


Amanda Newall is Senior Lecturer, Sculpture, KKH


Peter Lang is Professor, Architecture Theory and History, Mejan Arc KKH.


Peter Geschwind Professor of Fine Arts with Specialization in Sculpture, KKH.


And with the special participation of Mare Liberum,


SIGN UP NOW   and—Learn by doing and do by creating! ©™


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