Fargfabriken, Skellefteå, Virserum: Lysnna, Listen

Friday April 24th 2020 by Peter Thomas Lang

The Color Factory, Virserum Art Gallery and Skellefteå Art Hall initiate a collaboration focusing on how we emotionally experience and communicate climate change.

The transition to a climate-neutral future requires not only structural measures, but also an increasingly coherent understanding of climate where scientific facts are linked to our emotions. In this way, we can treat people with the feeling of sorrow for what is lost, but above all we are able to channel our feelings of hope into action.

We therefore create a forum where young people, researchers and artists together explore and portray experiences and feelings in relation to climate and places. This means that we test our ability to listen in and thus trust in ourselves.

Listen is also about creating the conditions for a joint climate communication between urban and rural contexts. By listening to each other’s experiences in line with research, the project strives for a common understanding of the consequences of climate change, no matter where we are. This is done by deepening the project and processing relationships and ideas about and around nature, consumption and identity. What does nature, consumption and identity mean in relation to climate change?

Listen is activated via Skellefteå Art Hall, Virserum’s Art Hall and the Färgfabriken Art Hall and is summarized through three linked but site-specific exhibitions at the three art halls. It is about activating a creative process that engages young people, researchers and artists through a collective exploration that takes us to the boundary between knowledge and emotions, to the boundary between climate and places, to the boundary between the outside world and the self. An ego exploring what it means to be in symbiosis with the place, rather than assuming to be its center. We know that the climate change requires structural societal changes, but it also requires radical re-evaluations in which people refrain from being the center of the place. What happens when the forest is there for the sake of the forest? When the river is there for the river? When the flies are just.

Time & Location

The joint exploration process begins in February 2020.
Exhibition at Färgfabriken 12 September – 29 November 2020.

Two works will be added in 2021 and the exhibition will continue to:
Skellefteå Art Hall13 March – 30 May 2021,
Virserum Art Hall 5 Sep – 28 Nov 2021