Monday June 4th 2012 by Peter Thomas Lang

SUPERFRONT  hosted a benefit gala on May 22 that included an auction.
The participants donating drawings included Ada Tolla, Michael Webb, Neil Denari, Allan Wexler, and Gail Borden, Olaekan Jeyifous, Peter Lang
 SUPERFRONT promotes young, diverse designers to think about incorporation of performance and community in the world.  (See additional info below) The big program element for this year is Public Summer, a design-build construct on Governors Island.

Drawing Procedure:
In early April, via FedEx a blank sheet of paper on which a small drawing can be made was sent to each of the participants.  The drawing would be a simple, nascent idea that reflects the early stages of considering a problem/solution on paper.   This evokes the spirit of SUPERFRONT in an attempt to encourage the dialogue of design between younger designers and the community, and the sketch is a powerful communicator.  The drawing will then be sent back to me for framing.  The frame is 8x10in with a 5x7in mat opening making the drawing manageable to compete.

(Paraphrased summary of the Superfront Call for Auction, written by John Hartmann, freecell, New York, and board member of Superfront)
SUPERFRONT is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization for architectural experimentation and creative interdisciplinary exchange.  Founded by Mitch McEwen in January 2008, SUPERFRONT has exhibited the work of over 150 emerging architects, designers, and artists within a public forum that raises awareness of contemporary architectural practice and theory. A Brooklyn-based organization, SUPERFRONT fosters creative interdisciplinary exchange through exhibits, publications, panels, and temporary built projects. Architectural Record has profiled SUPERFRONT as a gallery that “catalyzes avant-garde architecture.” SUPERFRONT is funded primarily by generous individual supporters.
An article on Superfront in Architecturemagazine can be viewed here: