Peter Lang Short Bio

I am from New York and I now reside in Rome Italy. I studied architecture at Syracuse University and completed a PhD in urban studies and Italian history at NYU. I held the position of Professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in Architectural Theory and History from 2013 to 2019. Currently, I am curator for “Dante’s Gaze: from Darkness to Light,” a multimedia exhibition promoted by the Italian National archive for photography, (ICCD) and by the Italian National Archive for Sound and Audio-visual Heritage (MiBACT). The exhibition is funded by the Dante 2021 National Committee. In 2016 while at the Royal Institute of Art I founded R-lab, a public platform for critical research and creative practice. Subsequently I developed the program Marvels and Catastrophes, a team based collective initiative leading to investigative and performative inquiries into the culture of disaster. Marvels and Catastrophes was first launched at the Istanbul Design Biennial in 2018 and has subsequently travelled to the Pogon Gallery in Zagreb and in the Fall of 2021 it will be featured at the Färgfabriken Konsthall in Stockholm. I am also a visual artist, critic and writer, and has been a member of the Rome based civic arts group Stalker since 1997.

Photo: Architecture and Immigration, Riga, 2019.  Photo  Inese Kalniņa.

**For the complete R-lab archive visit here.