Peter Lang Short Bio


Lang is an artist, critic, curator and educator. He is a former Professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He holds a PhD in urban studies and Italian history from New York University. In 2016 Lang founded R-lab- NA, a public platform for critical research and creative practice, and subsequently launched the initiative “Marvels and Catastrophes,” that works to understand and engage in the contemporary culture of disaster. “Marvels and Catastrophes” has organised collective workshops for the Istanbul Design Biennial, and for the “Symbiosis Project” at the Färgfabriken Kunsthalle in Stockholm. Lang has contributed critical visual essays for the “Platform Austria”  pavilion at the Architecture Biennial in Venice, and for “Listen!: Climate at the intersection of fact and feeling” for the Färgfabriken Kunsthalle. He contributes regularly to the Swedish think-tank LabLab, reflecting on the culture of landscapes in Europe. He recently co-founded YellowGlove Productions for the creation and development of video works and animations.  

As a curator, Lang is completing “Dante’s Gaze,”  a multimedia exhibition on Dante and mimesis, promoted by the Italian National archive for photography, (ICCD) and sponsored by the Dante Alighieri National Committee for the 700th year celebration of the Poet’s death. Lang is one of the three invited curators for the exhibition “C’è tempo per le nespole: new stories from the First World War,”  dealing with the Great War and the landscapes of memory, now on exhibition at the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, Rovereto, that is running until October 9, 2022. He has curated international exhibitions on the Italian Radical Design movement including Superstudio, the Radical school S-Space, and the historic 1972 MoMA exhibition, Italy: the New Domestic Landscape.  Peter Lang currently resides in Rome, Italy.

Photo: Motiers Art Festival August 2021. Giulia Penzo Photo.

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