Peter Lang Short Bio

Peter Lang has served as  professor in Architectural Theory and History at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2013-2019)*, where he founded R-Lab, a post-graduate research platform that will now continue as an independent research program called R-lab N-A (non-aligned) based in Rome Italy**.  Lang holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Syracuse University and earned a PhD in Italian history and urbanism at New York University in 2000. He is a Fulbright recipient in Italian studies. Lang works on the history and theory of post-war Italian architecture and design, with a focus on sixties Italian experimental design, media and environments. Lang has written and curated a number of projects on the Italian Radical Design and Architecture movement.  In 2016 Lang was an invited guest curator for the blockbuster exhibition Mashup: the Birth of Modern Culture” at Vancouver Art Gallery Museum. In 2013, at the Graham Foundation Chicago, Lang co-curated, together with Luca Molinari and Mark Wasiuta, the fourth edition of “Environments and Counter Environment: Italy the New Domestic Landscape.” In 2003, together with William Menking, Lang co-authored Superstudio: Life Without Objects (2003 Skira- out of print) voted one of the top essential reads for architects and students by Arch Daily in 2018.  He has been a member of the Rome based urban arts research group Stalker since 1997.

*Lang leaves the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm following a major reorganisation that has lead to the  suspension of research driven teaching courses in the post-graduate architecture area. For a general overview on this trend effecting advanced  education  it is recommended that one consults Noam Chomsky’s ‘The Death of American Universities,” Lang will be writing on  this fundamental shift in teaching pedagogy –the ballooning of management and the outsourcing of research towards profit making  corporations- in his forthcoming book “No Design Here.”

**For the complete R-lab archive visit here.